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Ok, I'm new

4/4/2011 4:08 PM
I just wanted to introduce myself and I was hoping to maybe get the ball rolling with this club since it doesn't seem to have any posts. Also, can I recommend a book for next month?
5/4/2011 5:02 AM
Hi there. I just joined today. I have formed a book club of my own, where we meet only quarterly due to the tight schedules of the members. Since 3 months is quite long to read just one book, I often find myself reading onether before our reviews, and need to to share it with someone, thus the reason I joined this book club. I'm going through a situation professionally and have been reading religios books such as Ten commandments of working in a hostile environment by TD Jakes, and John Hagee's Life Challenges, Your Opportunities. I must say the last author loves his money. He always starts diagnosing a problme with tithing at church , which I don't do for I don't belong to a church. He also has a political stance which i prefer to stay away from. Otherwise, some of this advices are very profound. As for TD Jakes, the guy can turn any atheist into a believer. I just love his work
11/2/2011 8:52 PM
Hey everyone!
I am new to this and I am starting a book club at my school. This site will be where we "meet". I was wondering if you think that's a good idea, as well as in person meetings.
so anyways, if anyone has any reccomendations for good books we can read, message me. I am totally open to any suggestions.